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In the early 1880’s a Lithuanian emigrant by the name of Lazerus Pinn, arrived on the shores of Cape Town. A watchmaker by trade, he set up shop, repairing watches and barometers from his hotel room in Long Street, Cape Town.
In 1893, after a couple of disasters, he opened L. Pinn & Company at 45 Adderley Street, Cape Town. The company flourished and traded from these premises for 117 years. Lazer then passed the family business on to his son, Barney, who in turn passed it on to his son, Ronald. Ronald handed the company down to his two elder sons, David and Jeremy. In 1984 the rival family jewellery business, Murdocks, was purchased from the Murdock family who had been in the business since 1897, through three generations.

Through the years, eminent customers of Murdocks have included Cecil John Rhodes, King George and Queen Frederika of Greece. The story is told that Cecil John Rhodes, an abundantly travelled man, however, declined to alight from his vehicle and make the short journey into the shop, but insisted instead that the shop come to him. And so it was that all transactions with this well-to-do client were conducted on the street, while Jimmy and Albert Henry darted back and forth with choice pieces for him to examine in the seclusion of his carriage.

The oldest family jewellery business in South Africa is still run by Tony and the Pinn family and offer the same value and unfaltering service it did 123 years ago.
All our jewellery comes with a certificate and is signed off by a graduate gemmologist. Our prices are unbeatable and our quality is top class.

We have an on-site goldsmith which allows our clients to custom design the ring of their dreams. He is one of the best in the business and very well priced. He can change a current design that you don’t like, or make your old ring look brand new again. He works fast and is very liable when it comes to finishing the job on time.