“Bringing old school Duty Free back”

Its no secret that in todays world, there is very little to no Saving at all when we shop at Duty Frees. Airports have incredibly high rentals and Turnover clauses, and the same applies to shopping malls. We as the consumer get hurt as Duty Frees do not pass on the value to the customer.

Here at Downtown, we bringing old school back.

Our business model runs very differently to an airport Duty Free. We are based in the Port of Cape Town, right next to the Waterfront and we offer an incredible shopping experience to foreign nationals and Diplomats. We carry the worlds Leading Brands in Fragrances, Sunglasses, Alcohol and Tobacco, as well as a beautiful Jewellery display of Diamonds and Tanzanites.

All of our products are Authentic and directly from the Manufacturers. We focus on excellent customer service as well as a true value for money experience with prices substantially lower than local high street retailers and Airport Duty Frees.